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In the fall of 2014 I bought a Pfister bath faucet called Selia. It leaked so I contacted the company. I sent them pictures showing the two areas it leaked. It looks like two small holes under the handles is a design flaw and it leaks any water splashed at the base of the spout where it meets the bottom plate, and any water that gets on the handles into my cabinet below. Pfister sent a new cartridge to try but it still would leak because of the same hole. Then they sent a new faucet and it had the same holes and leaked and I sent back the other one. Look at the first picture just above the flash on the right side next to the brass ring there is a hole that goes straight through. After I wrote a review on about how I felt this was a design flaw I was asked on Lowes site to contact the Consumer Services Director at Pfister through an email address. So I sent an email, and received one back saying that I had to call and I couldn't respond by email. They were asking me to call their regular customer service number because they were going to ask me to send back my faucet so their Engineering Dept. could look at it and figure out why it was leaking. The pictures I already sent them could tell them that, and the faucet I already sent back to them could too. So I called and the number is for their regular customer service people that only know how to turn on a faucet not how they work underneath. And I was not allowed to talk to the Customer Service Director and was told they don't have an Engineering Dept. They just wanted for me to send back my faucet and get another one in the mail. How many times? I already had tried 2 and another one they sent in the wrong color had the same holes. When I tried to explain that all the Selia faucets on the shelf in their warehouse will have the same problem because they are all made from the same design the woman I spoke to said I could pick any Pfister faucet I wanted. When I wanted to talk to someone who knows something about their faucets she gave me the warranty dept. They transfered me to California (whatever that meant), California never picked up the phone so the nice guy in the warranty dept. is going to have them call me because they were just coming in and had to get settled. It's been 2 hours of settling so far. Now if a company would sell a faucet that they know leaks (or any mediocre Engineer could see would leak from the way its designed) with a warranty for replacement, to me that means they probably count on a bunch of these selling and also count on MOST people not wanting to go through the hassle of returning it and what I am going through right now, so thats how they stay in business. My first thought was to go to Home Depot and just buy another brand faucet and *** the 70 dollars and tax. But I have spent so much time with this trying to get ANY technical person who knows anything about faucets to look at the pictures and tell me that a hole under the handle and spout shouldn't leak from being splashed or condensation. And that all their other faucets don't have this same hole and problem because if I choose another faucet of theirs it's probably made the same way. How many times are the customer service people going to just send me a new one? What a waste of time and metal. It would take them two seconds to look at the picture and see the problem, yet their policy is to just keep replacing it with another one. Another thing about this product that shocked me was that in the paper work that comes with it they have a disclaimer about how the only way for the warranty to be any good is for you to clean it with a damp cloth, no polish, detergents, abrasive cleaners, organic solvents, or acid can be used. Any bathroom cleaner is going to have either detergent, organic solvent or acid in it. Who cleans their faucet with water and a damp cloth? Mmmmm how sanitary! Especially in the seams. Apparently whoever thought up this never had kids. And this is not on the box so you can decide to buy another product. It's inside so you find out after you buy it and break the plastic seal on the box. Oh, and open faucets aren't returnable at Lowes.Avoid Pfister, I know I will.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with pretty faucet and stated that there is a room for improvement of unknowledgeable customer service and lied about no engineering dept. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of bathroom faucet and associated monetary loss in the amount of $74. Pfister needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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