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Purchased the Price Pfister Shelton faucet and it worked for a while, then the hot water stopped working. I checked the cartridge. I found that the seal was defective. (part of it was missing) When I put the cartridge back in the faucet it started leaking badly. Had to turn the water off to the sink.

Called PF. They told me the cartridge was defective. I told them I had no water and needed the part quickly. They were to ship a replacement within two days. Paid extra for that...

Three days later I called PF to find out what was going on only to find out that the part was back ordered. I did some checking around. Thought maybe I would just go pick one up somewhere... wrong!! PF does not sell parts to "big box" stores according to the Lowes Manager here locally. That matches my experience as well.

Bottom line is... I received a defective faucet and if I want to follow through with PF it is going to take weeks to get what I paid for to start with. While I wait... no water in the Kitchen.

Lesson Learned -- Don't buy a product where you cannot get replacement parts locally. I called all over hoping to buy this ten dollar part. Nobody in town has it. Sounds like some sort of control thing with PF, no doubt having to do with squeezing more money of out the system at the consumers expense.

The Lowes Manager told me she would make it right for me. This faucet is out of here!! Thanks much to Lowes!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hatfield, Pennsylvania, United States #785891

Same experience here. My cartridge started leaking after 8 months (it's a cheap plastic part that was completely cracked).

I didn't have a week to wait for shipping, so I went to a couple of plumbing stores and big-box retailers...surprise, surprise, nobody stocks the part. Lucky for me a guy in the plumbing department at Lowe's took pity on me and ripped apart a new-in-box unit to get me the part I need.

Fast-forward three weeks, and the new part is now leaking. Trying to go through Pfister this time...I'll update you on my progress.

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