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Update by user Jul 15, 2011

Update- I was contacted by two people at PF apologizing and offering to make this right. I appreciate the time these two individuals took and the offer to solve this once and for all. More later.

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2011

So far, 3 contacts to PF who charge me $5 and sent replacement parts. So far, 6-8 of the SAME replacement parts (diverter and cartridges) -all failed within a year on my Parisa kitchen faucet.

I contacted PF a few month ago asking for a whole new faucet, but PF sent MORE replacement parts. So, I wrote to the CEO (Greg Gluchowski Jr.)Mr. Gluchowski ignored my letter.

A month later I emailed the same letter to his secretary and him...nothing again.

The bottom line...from my experience, Price Pfister makes crappy products and has a horseshit CEO.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I was considering contacting him also but now it seems that may do no good. I've had a problem with my Kwikset lock which is supposed to be warranted for life for function.

I've put two calls into Kwikset, both of which resulted in a promise for supervisor to call me back. I've yet to hear from either one of them. Why would I buy a Spectrum Brand product again? The lockset probably costs them 5 dollars to manufacture and I spent $10 just mailing it back to them.

Thanks for the information on Price Pfister. I work at a big box store and I'll make sure not to recommend that product as it is one we sell.


Please do not buy products from this company. They do not last and the company dose not care if your product breaks :roll .

I am waiting for a part for my sink it will take another week to send the right part because they sent the wrong part :x . This is the 4th time I had to fix this faucet!


Two problems with their crappy kitchen faucet, no 3, plus another complaint as to their design on same faucet.

Twice now in 6 years since buying it thru Home Depot here in Vanvcouver, Canada, we've had the cheap, plastic faucet (made to look like the traditional faucet cast in brass, polished, then chromed) crack over a period of 6 months to 2 years, until so many cracks along the body (stem) of it occur that multiple drips and eventually little *** streams appear. This happened twice, and if as I assume they have a one year warrantee, they seem to have it timed to deteriorate mainly after that time span. I didn't claim the warrantee the first time because it was after a year, plus I assumed that maybe we dropped the thing on something hard, so gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now it's occurred again, barely one year after we bought a replacement.

Before that, we had to pay to replace their foolishly designed hose which has a strange thin rubber liner which carries the pressurized water...and it let go after a couple years of us. When I took it apart, not only did it have a hole in it (causing water damage under our sink) but it was all twisted inside the outer hose sheathing, which explained why our water flow had slowed before it finally broke.

The design flaw, in my mind, might have been purposely designed as a "clever" idea of one of their dumb designers, and agreed upon by their equally short-sighted executives and engineers. Maybe they thought it is clever to have it turn itself off if you position the handle in any lesser speed than full flow. This is bad for two reasons. It wastes water, and most costly, hot water, because you cannot select a medium or low flow rate unless you hold it there with one hand. How can you clean dishes or pots etc with one hand? This leads to a second dilemma. They give you a button to push to select a multiple stream spray mode. Great, but again, unless you hold it with one hand at less than full flow, it sprays out so hard when it hits anything, even the bottom of the sink, it splashes up all over you, the counter, even the cabinets. Our cabinets, being solid maple with a wax finish, get the finish damaged by this. Do these people have their face in their arses when they design and approve such ***?

Obviously, they've been around and selling such *** for long enough now, that despite the many many pages one can find on the internet, blogs, etc. condemning their shoddy products, they continue to allure the likes of retailers such as Home Depot and contractors, I presume, because that's what maximizes their profits...of all parties involved, and they must have the warranty system down to a fine art so it's creating to much hassle for the consumer to push for replacement (or as I described with my fails just after the warranty period), it lets them off scot free. So who suffers? Not Home Depot or the contractors who installed such ***, but the consumer AND competitors of Price Pfister who make quality products and have to charge more for them. Consumers, in a way, are to blame for buying cheap ***, but in this and many such cases, you'd think if Home Depot sells it, or the manufacturer's advertising makes it sound like they sell only world class quality products, then maybe the consumer is not to blame.

I now hereby encourage other complaintants like me to get off your *** and do a favour to other consumers by not only complaining here or at other such websites, but to the Consumer Protection branches of various government bodies, and your national Association of what, Plumbing Manufacturer's ? That's my next step. And to any other such bodies you can think of such as Consumer Reports.

We see the results of grass-root activism finally finding traction throughout many Arab countries now, and this week in the news, in India, with the movement of protest in the streets to force the government to stem corruption. Don't expect the government to do anything without excessive pressure and noise. And you can probably forget about the likes of the Better Business Bureau.

Please, join in, and exercise your democratic right AND RESPONSIBILITY to your fellow consumers....your fellow man, to force such crappy manufacturers, suppliers, etc out of business if they refuse to change, in their arrogance in their lofty ivory towers of their HQ boardrooms, discussing such things as to how to rip people off more to maximize profits and see how far they can push without responding to complaints. By the way, I'm in my fifties, have been in sales, marketing, inventing, and owning my own businesses for over 35 years, so I didn't just 'fall off the turnip truck', as they say. Skeptics might like to believe instead I am an unemployed nerd in my twenties, bored, sitting here in my parents home, trying to find someone or something to rail against for my own entertainment. No, I just took a few minutes out of my important business day, because I'm truly pissed off with seeing too much of this over the years, and now, increasingly as such companies go to China to get their cheap *** made even more crappy and cheaper over there than when they made it in Germany, the US, and other western countries where we see our jobs disappearing due to greedy decision-makers like those I just described.

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