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For the last 10 years I have had a Pfister kitchen faucet. Very happy with the way it looks and the way it workED. One day, 3 weeks ago, the metal pullout hose started leaking. No big deal, I have LIFETIME WARRANTY as long as I own the faucet, right? Right. I call customer service, very nice people, and inform them of my leaking hose and ask if I can get the replacement part. (NOT A NEW FAUCET) I let them know the part number for the faucet and make sure they understand that I need a replacement part, which is a METAL hose. A week and a half later, on Friday evening, I finally receive my long-awaited part...and, what do you know? It is NOT metal, AND it is not compatible with my Pfister faucet. Ok, fine! Everybody makes mistakes. The weekend goes by, I call back Pfister customer service, I press 1 for English so I can speak to someone who barely speaks English and I calmly explain to them what happened. This time, I am told that they were doing inventory and could not get the right part (???) but rest assured that a new shipment, with the correct metal, compatible hose is on the way and I should receive it no later than Monday...Today is Tuesday, I received my new excited! Guess what was in it!? The same, useless, not metal, and not compatible hose! May I remind you that this whole time I have no water access in my kitchen. Called back the third time, pressed 1 for English and got a young lady who spoke English. Yey! Win for me! Miss congeniality spoke to me and answered my questions and concerns with such annoyance in her voice, that I wanted to reach through the phone and slap the attitude right out of her mouth...but, of course, I didn't. Again I was assured that this time, 3rd time, I would get what I need and this time they had to special order it and I should get it in 10 to 14 business days....that means ANOTHER 2 weeks with no water! I have to ask: Is this some kind of a joke, Pfister? Because it is not funny!

I will update this story in 10 to 14 business days...hopefully with a happy ending.

Picture descriptions:

The first pic is of the original hose that needs to be replaced because it sprung a leak and flooded my under the sink cabinet.

The second pic is of the 2 replacement hoses Pfister sent me in 3 weeks time to replace the original, METAL hose.

The third pic is of all 3 hoses together so we can do a side by side, visual comparison.

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I am a former employee from Price Pfister, I spent two years working for them.It seems that you have model number 53350XX, it seems like you saw the newer model on the website which is G13310XX and gave the part no 951-086 which is a black hose.

The hose you are looking for is 951045 which is the metal hose. But if you have model FWKP533S the correct part number will be 9510680 which is also a metal hose. you would need to send the pcitures via email. Sometimes the agents are so focused in their handling time that they do not pay attention to what the problem is.

If I were the person taking your call you would not have had this problem.If you do not know your model please send them a picture of your faucet to them.

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