We bought a kitchen faucet from home depot and paid a plumber over 300.00 to install it. It started leaking and I contacted Pfister to get the defective part and was told the part was not available and that they would send us a new faucet. They also informed me that...
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I didn't like
  • Pfister not taking responsibility for product failure
First year no issues then started leaking under the sink found out the hose to the sprayer was the issue.. Ok. They sent an entire new faucet, ok issue solved 3 or 4 months later could not shut the water off from the faucet. They were great about sending me 2 new...
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Pfister - 3rd replacement

We had one of their facets fastened to our brand new counter and we have had to replace the facet head three times for the same issues. I would just get a new one but this bloody sucker is stuck to my counter top
Pfister - Faulty faucet
A licensed contractor installed a Pfister faucet I personally selected in mid-January. 2 days ago, I walked into my kitchen and found the floor was soaking wet. I shut off the water and called a plumber I knew to be reputable who determined that the faucet had not been...
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faucet is less then 3 years old. It started to leak. I called the company. Was left on hold for over 1/2 hour. Gave up. Hung up. Emailed them. Waited 2 days for a reply. Emailed them again. Finally got a reply. They asked me one question at a time, via email. Then they...
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So I was doing laundry in adjacent room and I hear the sound of a burst pipe. Thought it was washer hose. It was my Pfister cold water faucet shooting water probabky three GPM. Huge mess in under two minutes. I shut off the water and inspection discovered the threaded...
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Pine Management

No help anywhere. Phones on all numbers no answer. I'm a remodeler that bought their product need simple fix/repair .....web page doesn't help. Can't order anything online. No...

Pfister - Customer service had no clue how to help.
First, customer support is from another country outside the US, likely Indian because I could hardly understand the clown. I had to ask him to repeat himself after every sentence so i could play it back in my head and decipher what he was trying to say. Anyway, we have...
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Pfister is a terrible company. Have a Ventura model faucet we purchased 1 year and 5 months ago. Only two of us in the household so no extreme use. Called CSR to obtain a new hose as ours leaked down under the sink and ruined many cleaning products. CSR said we would...
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I didn't like
  • Your flawed product that leaked in two years
  • Cheap workmanship
  • Warranty gives flawed product
Purchased a Price-Pfister bathroom faucet 12 years ago; when it began to leak 5 years later, I called customer service and spoke with a representative who verified my address and said I would receive the new faucet within 5 working days. I received it in 48 hours. Fast...
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April 3rd plumber spoke to Pfister about part. They checked and said they would not be able to send it until May 10th. Six weeks is very to go without a sink but figured I would wait since it would fit correctly into the designated spots. On May 22nd I still hadn't...
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